It's up to you to protect Lexi.

About the Game

You play as an ex-MMA champion who is serving a two year ban for gambling on, and fixing your own fight.

After completing rehab for your gambling addiction, you return home to find that your wife has kicked you out. With resources running low due legal expenses, and a young daughter to support, you land a job as a bodyguard with a security firm ran by an old friend.

Your first assignment is to protect Lexi, the spoiled rich 18 year old daughter of a wealthy TV evangelist. Can you protect Lexi from her stalker, or will her defiant attitude get her or you into trouble?


For those who are new to the concept of visual novels. Lexi is a game based on choices, much like a choose your own adventure book, but with images to illistrate the story, and many more choices to make.

Adult Content

Lexi is an "Adult Game", and contains images and dialog with strong sexual content, and mild violence. Only those who are 18 years of age or older are permitted to play. All characters depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years of age, or older.